Saturday, November 19, 2016


In the beginning of November,
I have made myself conscious
That someone’s gonna grow older.
I knew I had to note it on my schedule.
Because I had many plans to do.
But who are you to be remember?
I am sorry to say, you are not my prioritize.
From the first time, you were not.
I remembered you ever said to me
“Don’t make me your prioritize. Family is no 1. Study is no 2.”
Yes, thanks for your best advice
Until now, family and study are things that I want to focus about.
But, I still remember your day, don’t worry.
I still remember it after I have finished a lot of my tasks.
Tasks are apart of my study which is no. 2 in my life.
So, yes... sadly I said you are not something important in my life.
Remembering you made me feel like it was not me.
Because I have never been so happy for my life like this.
This time and later, I have found myself.
I wanted to remove you from my life.
I really really wanted to but,
I thought again maybe you were sent as a lesson in my life.
So, I let your trail imprints my soul.
To makeme remember about sins.
That it was real.
I hope we can stay as friends.
Ordinary friends. Not more. Not even best friends.
Because I have met best people in my life.
And I know I will meet my best partner in life too.
I pretty sure about this.
So, yeah... that is.
If you feel dissapointed of me, then you can remove me forever in your life.
If you are okay with this, then let us be ordinary friends.
We only need to live each our lives differently.
Busy of our dreams and ambitions.
Talk less because the heavy schedule.
And maybe later... we will finally forget each other.
Yes, let us be ordinary friends which friendship is common.
Which tells us I dont mean to you and you dont mean to me.
Unless you bring opportunity to me and so do I.
In the end, I wish you a very happy life and best luck.


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