Wednesday, November 21, 2012


hello buddy!

Nothing special to tell. I just wanna post about my last 'inaguration.' New collegers in Indonesia usually invited to join an inaguration time. It's like a orientation for some period but more interesting and more terrible than the usual orientation. So, 'inaguration' for freshman is like a welcoming of new students kindly and brutally. Lol.

 Our inaguration held in Wisma Methodist, Parapat for 3 days and 2 nights. But, for us there's no night, because the 'insane' seniors kept us awaking. Lol. They acted perfectly, I thought they could be an actor/actress for horror film lol. They pretend to be so willd. They yelled, scolded, and attacked us. They were crazy. -_-

Okay, here's some pictures that taken by seniors during inaguration.

Public Admininistration 2012

Can you recognize me from 144 students of public administration 2012?

we were just too busy with our own story

Woa, we did not get a good sleep :O

A little -me-
Oh my! I found this one. They shooted me without I realized -_-

Initiation Public Administration 2012? Always be one, Always be victory! HAHAHA

Campfire in early morning at 4 am, after 2 days and 2 night in mistreating.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Today 16-11-12

It's your birthday!

Hey there,

Today you turn to 19. Older. No, I am not going to kid you 'an old man' or something I called 'opung', still remember? I used to bully you with those words. Ah, yeah 'katroo' was including. You did not understand but it was funny to bother someone limited edition like you. We were too childish. We both still enjoyed the things.

Now, I just feel it is different. I do not know why. Is it because we are in university now? Or because something 'unexpected' happened? Or because we grow older and mature?
So, if the reasons were things I just mentioned above. I would prefer to stay 15. Because I do not wanna miss anything. I do not want miss your heavy advices, your jokes, your stories. It is like a medicine for ill person, believe me. I do not know if  'besties' is really exist. Besties does not mean that they are the best in my life. But they are just better and... special. They are special because they are pricious. They are thousands of advices. They are non stop caring. They are humble heart. They are you. Yes, you!

Hey there, I know something you expected, it did not work. You are dissapointed and sad. It is okay. But, please do not stay in the sadness so long. You deserve more than that. Wake up and look around. There are still many thing you can do out there. The key is just 'Do not ever give up'.
You have been trying so hard and giving efforts much. That is why, after all the things you gave, after the long journey you went through, do not stop. You can not! You have dreams, you belive it and you yourself make it come true.

You are a very very good person. Life must be so good to you. I believe it!
I pray today, that you are always in blessing. I wish that you can always shine so bright...

Unhappy period kid, happy birthday!
Happiness is within you forever...

Egritha Tampubolon