Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some old photos



My father

My mother

My older sister, Weny and I

My young brother, Kevin

My young sister, Cindy
Weny dan Kevin



Charity Chance

Conscience Call

Champion Celebration

Christmast Carol

Christ Coming


It is only one day. But we talked a lot, discussed a lot, got a lot.

I found a debater who match with me. Firstly, I was not so sure of his ability. But then, I am not sure of myself being his partner. Hahaha. He's broad knowledge, great capability, high confident. He looks weird but he is very great.
Here are some points about his weirdness:

1. He is in batch 2012. He always smiles or laughs when I call him "bang-big brother". Silly! So I laugh too -__-

2. He delivered arguments which I wanted to deliver too. But, he communicated his more systematically than me. So, I was doubt to share mine and said, "ah maybe I am wrong!" AAA, how stupid am I! Luckily, he is kind and humble. He supported, "how can you say wrong before you told it!" -__-

3. He might think "Ough!" by being my partner in debate firstly. Huhu :( . I am not that bad actually. But for everyone that I don't know, I can't get familiar easily. -__-

4. He praised me a lot like, "ah you are so wise, dek-young sister!" or "you do have great arguments actually!" or "your statements are so scientific!"

5. After he knew me. He had another thoughts "Ah, this girl is just too shy but she is actually great!" (maybe he thought so, haha I hope)

6. He asked about my choices in choosing university and I was so shy that time. Shameful. And I asked where he came from after he did ask me first.

7. He is very welcome person. At last, he explained some cases that I did not get. And I understood it. But after later, I was too curious about his mind frame, so I asked about one motion and how he solved that problem. Ah, he answered it correctly! Why is? -__-

8. I asked about his GPA. Hahaha. Stupid question but I wanna know if he puts his attention to study. And he got a cumlaude-very great score!

9. He asked if I am in a Christians Association Students and I said yes. I asked him back, and he said he was there once but got out because of his busy schedule. Bad boy!

10. He always joked and made something funny.

This guy made something worth to memorized. I remembered that he said to another senior girl, "please pray for us to win, both of us! It shows that he is not egoist (while the juries judged debater one by one, not by the team). Finally, I am impressed!


Hey! It's been so long.

As some of you guys might have known that now I am in a law faculty, so it's barely to find some time to write here. And even if I had, I'd choose to watch new movies or sleep. Haha. So, still the main reason is I am kinda lazy to write. So, please pray that I will keep writing.

Hmm, my life here is more busy than the old I had. If I wanna be expert in law, I must read alot books, learn and solve cases alot and practice alot. Oh yes! one of the things that I want to improve is my debate skill, especially in some law cases. You know, general debate I used to join is like a common debate. But now, I am learning about debate with judicial view, so I need to know the basic law, legislative, and rules in society.

So, there is a debate club for law in my campus, named MDC. It's a very famous debate club for law students. And if you want to join it, you have to pass all the selection. This debate club usually open reicruitment once a year with fours selection (1: essay and presentation, 2: pro and contra argument and presentation, 3: debate in two round, 4: interview) you have to face. The reictruitment is open for every bacth 2013, 2012, 2011! Can you imagine that we must compete with our seniors too? Haha, but it is very interesting. So I join it! I am in the 3rd selection now. Lucky me huh?

By the way, I love being here. The lessons, lecturers, organizations, I just love them. I hope I can make an achievement here. Ah, wish me a luck. Especially for the club.