Saturday, November 16, 2013



Dear one,
20 is a perfection.
Because 20 makes 19 perfect.
20 is a completion.
It is true that 20 completes 19.
20 is an improvement.
Yes, 20 improves 19.

You are 20th today. In this new age, you will find a new environtment, new people, new experiences, and even new challenges. All of those things will complete your view, understanding, and wisdom. Yes, by facing it all, you will find another side of this life.

I know that I am two years younger than you, and it is not decent for me to give you some advices. Because it is you who used to do it...
But, all I wanna say is... Life is not a race. Life is not about education and carier. Life is not about relation. Life is not about gaining and achieving.
But life is also about joy. Life is a mercy. Life is about giving. Life is about love. Because life is God’s gift for you.

 In this 20th, it is deservedly that you give a little time to look all  the things sorrounding you. All that you have now, if you do mean them, all of it are so precius. All you achive now is treasured by your zeal and labor. And it is worth it! But every little pieces that you got is a God’s blessings. So, do thank Him so often than before. Since, life is mostly about grateful.

I thank God for his power and love that you were born to this world, I praise Him for you and I are knowing each other. I glorify Him for you being 20th today.
 Our friendship is doing well although we are busier now. We have less communicate and rarely contact each other. We wrote to each other, and we replied to each other late, and at least conversation ends. Situation is not wrong. And I don’t blame it. Because age follows progress. Sometimes I miss you alot but I don’t have to tell it. It will help me to remind about good things we ever had. Then, I realize that togetherness is so valuable.

You are 20th now and maybe life is gonna be tougher than before. But, don’t leave joke. Don’t leave smile, Don’t leave happiness. Because as long as you are happy, then I am allright. I always believe that life treats you well because you are a very good person.

Keep being a good person...

Finally, I would like to greet you “ Happy Birthday! 20th!”
Blessing is around you forever...

Egritha Tampubolon