Thursday, September 4, 2014

How stupid I am

I am pity of myself sometimes.
I am so kind to people although they aren't. 
I  forgive people although they don't.
I will cry for some people although they won't.
I miss people I love although they don't.
How stupid I am.

Writer's Block

Last few days I read an article about writer's block.
And I started to think that I am a writer's block.
Writer's block is a person who always cancels his decision to write something.
Then he makes a justification for himself with a reason : I AM BUSY, man!
Oh wow, the justification is not right. Because in writing world, there is no reason you are busy or what. Do write! Just sit and type in front of your monitor for 5 minutes. Is it difficult to do, they asked.

Haha that's of course true. If you have that will. That 'eager' to write. Then you'll write.
If you truly in love with writing, you can not stop your finger from typing a word.
You will write no matter what happened.

But, the problem is what are you writing in 5 minutes?
I think to write something valuable, you have to think how to make your writing becomes interesting to other.
I can write in 5 minutes. But what will I say?
"Hello, how are you?"
Just that? 
That's why writing is not that easy. 
So I am fine with this writer's block.
And I will only and only write if I want to. 
Haha. I know I am selfish. Hope one day, I am not.