Monday, December 10, 2012



God, I am missing them...
And tonight, my tears dropped as they had done before in the previous day. :'( :'( :'(

I remember my days of yesteryear.
Now I realize how true that the old
times were precious times which never can be changed.
I've become a colleger now. I live alone in a dorm house.
Apparently there is no mom or dad who used to remind me to have dinner every night.
No longer mom screamed to wake me up in the morning.
Not longer the noise of quarrel Valen and cindy who fight pitched up to my room.
No longer my nosy friends whom I met every morning at school.
No longer sharing with with my friends in the class.
No longer screaming of Rinesha or fussy
Ida I heard.
No longer boasting Ira that we always laugh at.

I  just... (:

How I missed it all ... (:

            Ida, Lydia, Rinesha, Beby, Ira, Asri, Zannah, Brian, Robby, Hardy, Ella, Janrico, Firza, Eric, Trisna, Set, and everyone out there ... I miss you ... :(
My good friends abroad, Judith, Emily, Joe, Majaz, Brooklyn, and the others how are you? You never write me to me (:
Ida and Lydia, I miss when I saw your faces every morning for classes.
Rinesha, I miss you badly sis ...
Mom and dad, Valen and Cindy ... How much I miss you and love you ... I miss home ... :(
I miss mom mostly, Because she is the one who standing for me when I was down ...
I miss when we all are together, i
ncluding Weny also.
I am sorry I seldom call. I am pretty busy with my college, Organizations, and events here.
There is always a time that my heart feels so lonely ... You all are priceless ...
I love you. I love you. I love you.

I can not stop praying for you all. How much you mean to me. You are very influential for me ...

The Lord, Jesus Christ how good You are. My life must be designed in such beautiful way, so I got to know these great people. I'm really happy for having them. Thank you Lord. Let me be a blessing, be proudness, be a useful especially for my beloved parents. Amen...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


hello buddy!

Nothing special to tell. I just wanna post about my last 'inaguration.' New collegers in Indonesia usually invited to join an inaguration time. It's like a orientation for some period but more interesting and more terrible than the usual orientation. So, 'inaguration' for freshman is like a welcoming of new students kindly and brutally. Lol.

 Our inaguration held in Wisma Methodist, Parapat for 3 days and 2 nights. But, for us there's no night, because the 'insane' seniors kept us awaking. Lol. They acted perfectly, I thought they could be an actor/actress for horror film lol. They pretend to be so willd. They yelled, scolded, and attacked us. They were crazy. -_-

Okay, here's some pictures that taken by seniors during inaguration.

Public Admininistration 2012

Can you recognize me from 144 students of public administration 2012?

we were just too busy with our own story

Woa, we did not get a good sleep :O

A little -me-
Oh my! I found this one. They shooted me without I realized -_-

Initiation Public Administration 2012? Always be one, Always be victory! HAHAHA

Campfire in early morning at 4 am, after 2 days and 2 night in mistreating.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Today 16-11-12

It's your birthday!

Hey there,

Today you turn to 19. Older. No, I am not going to kid you 'an old man' or something I called 'opung', still remember? I used to bully you with those words. Ah, yeah 'katroo' was including. You did not understand but it was funny to bother someone limited edition like you. We were too childish. We both still enjoyed the things.

Now, I just feel it is different. I do not know why. Is it because we are in university now? Or because something 'unexpected' happened? Or because we grow older and mature?
So, if the reasons were things I just mentioned above. I would prefer to stay 15. Because I do not wanna miss anything. I do not want miss your heavy advices, your jokes, your stories. It is like a medicine for ill person, believe me. I do not know if  'besties' is really exist. Besties does not mean that they are the best in my life. But they are just better and... special. They are special because they are pricious. They are thousands of advices. They are non stop caring. They are humble heart. They are you. Yes, you!

Hey there, I know something you expected, it did not work. You are dissapointed and sad. It is okay. But, please do not stay in the sadness so long. You deserve more than that. Wake up and look around. There are still many thing you can do out there. The key is just 'Do not ever give up'.
You have been trying so hard and giving efforts much. That is why, after all the things you gave, after the long journey you went through, do not stop. You can not! You have dreams, you belive it and you yourself make it come true.

You are a very very good person. Life must be so good to you. I believe it!
I pray today, that you are always in blessing. I wish that you can always shine so bright...

Unhappy period kid, happy birthday!
Happiness is within you forever...

Egritha Tampubolon

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trouble in Making Coments

hello buddy!

I have a problem here. I can not post any comments in any blogs and I can not reply your comments in my blog :(. Do you have any idea for this? I myself will try to find out and get the solution. But if you guys are so expert about this, please help me. I'd appriciate that. Thanks =)

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey, buddy! Here's I share some pictures of my new campus. This is a class in Haji Anif building (Social and Political Sciences).

A class

Student chairs

A classroom

Clean Floor


Big window in up stairs


hello buddy!

I just wanna show you my new dorm room in a house. So, I have this room rented per year. So, here is my small comfortable room!


Hello buddy!

It’s me Egritha. Don’t worry because I am writing this in my free time. But as you know now I am a college student, so I seldom steal some time for writing!
Umm, what things should I write here? Aha! I think it is a good idea if I share you about what happened here in university.
Actually, Public Administration,is not my choice. But His choice, I believe it. If He always gives me any chances since I was an Elementary student. I have been a good student with good achivement too (Praise God). I have good parents, both my mom and my dad, they are wise and intelectual. Maybe, some people think I am arrogant for saying this. But, have a great score or get a nice degree is not a pride for me, because in my family, it is a must.
The first time, I completed my subjects that must be learned in this semester, I was quite shocked. Because all of the lessons are theories. My dad even asked me until I arrived home, “there is a basic math in it, right?.” “No Dad, No math at all.” I answered.

Last 28-30 August was an orientation time for new collegers, so I was quite busy preparing some stuff that needed. During the orientation time, I was quite shocked (for the second time) about this faculty. Because the people talk too much. I thought that speaking was only needed here. It was not a problem for me because I am a debater and I have been doing debate since I was in high school.  But, I just hoped that in this faculty, I would find new interesting things. Speaking, talking. Talking, speaking. There are one or two students who run through this plot. I did not know if they spoke from their heart or they just got obsession by the popularity. The most dominate students are students from Communication subject and Politics. (Boy and Girl ; A & R). I just gave the initial name, haha.
Well, in orientation time (for 3 days), we were given a kind of task “Newspaper Resume.” So, the seniors gave us Kompas newspaper  (it is one of the biggest newspaper in Indonesia) every day. And we had to make a resume about an article of each newspaper they gave. In these 3 days, Orientation started at 6 am and ended at 7 pm. We went in the early morning and we backed in the late evening. It was really tired indeed. Besides that, we had to find some stuff that were needed for the next day according to the theme. For example, in 1st day, the theme was white and black, so we wore white T-shirt and black pants. In the 2nd day, it was about Independence, so we dressed something related to Red and White (Indonesia’s flag) and the last day, the theme was Activist (I hate this theme).
Back to the task of resuming newspaper, our seniors said that they would announced the winners of this resume activity. I thought, “Ah, so it is a competition then!!!” I was arisen with million zeal in me. “This is the chance for me. This is it!” I thought. “I must do this greatly, I must show them who I am.”

And then after I arrived home (read: dorm room), I slept...
Yes, I went to my bed and slept. -_-
Although, from college I had been waking up with fire of spirit in my soul but in fact, I was too tired and I’d prefer to give my body some rest. Goodbye championship?

Oh, not really. In reality, I am a hard working person. But, I do everything maximum if the condition bent me to do it. I think everyone has power more than they ever knew, if they are out of their comfort zone. For example, I can review 7 books in a week if I REALLY have a will to do it. How can I have a will? WILL comes from self motivation and hardworking person. WILL also come when the condition compel you to do it.
Then, I planned to do this resume in the 2nd day of orientation because in the 3rd day, it will be collected by seniors. So after I backed to my small room at 7 pm, I remembered I had to get some stuff according to our theme “Activist.” So, my friend (she’s my neighbourhood in rent house) and I went outside to some store and got the stuff. Taking bath, having dinner, and looking for this mess stuff  really wasted my time. I reached my room about 10.45 pm. And I was feeling tired and thinking about taking rest for an hour 15 mins. So, I would got up in 12 pm and did a resume. Again, in reality I slept until 1 am... I still remember, I was very tired that time and all my body was not ok, I mean I needed  a rest!

So, at 1 am, I woke up and I started nervous but I slowly opened the newspaper and read and read and read again. Then, I took my pen and paper, I begun to write but still I haven’t got the point. So, I backed and forwarded the newspaper. It was really noisy night in dorm housebecause of me. Lol. Then, I went to my desk and yep, I was writing. I was writing the idea I got.

Then, in the next morning, we did the activities like usual, we also handed in our resume paper to seniors. But, in this 3rd day, it’s kinda special...Because this faculty invited orphans for having lunch together. Some said they are educated children by our seniors, some said they are orphans. I really did not care. And they made this orientation more alive.
In the end of this last orientation, one of the senior (MC) announced on the stage about the winner of Resume Newspaper. She said that there were just 2 winners. So, I thought it would be hard for me. Because, like I told you before, there were 2 dominant students from Communication and Politics who used to talked in front of the people. Then, she announced, “I start from the 2nd winner... And the winner is... Ardo!!! Ardo from Communication, we invite you to come to the stage, please...” And the people were giving applause. Ah, see? “A” from Communication is the 2nd winner, then the 1st must be “R” I told you above. Inside my heart, I critized this is not fair. I resumed the newspaper from 1 am until 4 am, I did it very hard. But, I did not blame myself, I did not blame anyone. Because I thought they (the juries) were smart end wise enough, the winners must be the real winners. 

And then, she again continued her speaking, “And... the 1st winner... WHO IS THE OWNER OF THIS CHAMPIONSHIP??? Girl or boy? Boy or girl?” she shouted like a mad one (sorry! Hehe)
Most of students and seniors replied, “BOY!!!” (like mad ones too! Lol)
She spoke, “And the 1st champion of Resume Newspaper is from... Public Administration!!!... EGRITHA TAMPUBOLON! We welcome you to come in front of the stage, dear.”

I my self was surprised for this. I continously looked on my badge name, my name is Egritha, isn’t it? I was really haapy for this, even I smiled looked like a stupid person. Lol. I walked to the stage and stood there with the 2nd winner, Ardo from Communication.
The MC spoke, “Then, we invite the governor of Social and political Sciences Faculty to assign the rewards. Please give applause!!”
And the assigment of rewards (The rewards are Jacket of “KOMPAS” and sertificate of Orientation. Why didn’t they give us money? -_-) went so well, Ardo and I got any applause. “And, ladies and gentlemen, Egritha and Ardo are repsentative  Social and Political Sciences for giving a gift to the orphans.” The MC spoke again.
And then, we both gave the gift to children there and they took our photos.
After that, I was given a chance for saying some words.
Wow, that was my first time speaking in front of students of Social and Political Sciences. That was my first time speaking in my new college. That was my first time speaking for my 1st achievement of being a colleger. That was my first chance that God gave to engrave my feat. Thanks, Jesus!

I spoke in front of the people about “sense of crisis” related to comfort zone. Because in 2 days, I denied to do the task but when the crisis time came, in 4 hours, I did very well. And Ardo spoke about his hard working. He’s very fluent in speaking to public. Many friends congrated us.
The next day, I went to campus for giving subjects paper called KRS. At the door, I met a girl then she said, “you’re the champion? Aren’t you?” I replied, “Sorry, what champion?” She replied “Resume. Resume. You are the person, aren’t you?” I said, “I don’t really understand!” She yelled, “Just say yes!!!”

Then, my friends asked me to come with them and get some snack. Then one of friends from Sociology picked me up from campus by her motorbike. I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me. I just knew her name and so did she. We passed the Street called “Pintu 1” and we met with her friends there, she stopped her motor and accosted them, “hey! Where are you going?” They talked for awhile then one of her friends shouted suddenly, “This is the 1st winner, isn’t she?” And her other friends said, “Yes, yes. That’s her!” “Ah, wrong person, girls.” I said. But, they kept talking about me and I was speecless, then I spoke, “Yes, that’s me, haha. Thanks!”

And for somedays, the same things always happened, like people recognized me while I didn’t know them, they called me, “Champion!”
“Hey, champion!” or “You are the winner, eh?” or “The number one” and so on and so on.

I tried to deny them but they already made me speechless.
You know buddy??
It’s like I am popular here. Haha.
But, I want to show them off my ability by good works. And it’s what God wants from me.

I informed my family about this and they said, “Keep it up! We are proud of you!”
Thank you very much to my Lord, I pray and hope You show me the way.
Pray for me, buddy so I can do my best here! ^^

My Simple Rewards of Resume Newspaper of Socials and Poitcal Sciences

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I wish everyone who writes his/her wishes in a paper, they will cross out it soon and the writing is not just a writing, because... all wishes come true... Just believe!



Hello buddy!

    Now, I am seldom using my social network accounts because I am pretty busy for being a new university student this year. There is a big building here that consists of  many rooms. I got mine, a small rented room on the 2nd floor. It is nice. But, I still have to learn alot and socialize more with peole here. 

    Talking, about socialization, I have been staying here for 2 days and meet some new people staying here too. But,they look like keep a distance one to another. Students staying here have less care with their neighbour. Like, last night, I went to movie with my sister. We were going to see "EXPENDABLE II". In the mall, we met a girl who stays near my room, she is medicals student. But, she didn't even smile at me. I donn't know if she did it because she was with her boyfriend. But, at last she should show that she recognizes me. That's weird!

Yesterday, there is a girl came here with her family. She wanted to rent a new room for herself. Then she met me, and here is the conversation while we were on the stairs :
Nb: Her name is Sarah. And she looks like Indian.

Sarah : Hi
Egrith: Hey!
Sarah : I am Sarah! (Shaking hand)
Egrith : Egritha... (Shooking her hand)
Sarah : Do many students of USU live here?
Egrith: Right. Btw, are you student of USU too? What is your subject?
Sarah: Oh, Medicine (her tone gained).And you?
Egrith: Mine is Public Administration. (looking her)
Sarah : Where did you study before?
Egrith : Oh, in SMA 4.... in Siantar. (walking up stairs two steps of her)
Sarah : Oh, I am from Jakarta.
Egrith : ??? (deep in heart saying : Emang gue nanya lo darimana?)

          How she told me about her showed that she wanted to be judged as a great one. In other terms, arrogant. It can known from the high tone she spoke on the word "Medicine". Then, she just showed off that she was from Jakarta. Although, I didn’t asked where she came from, because I have been on the second floor firstly and she was behind me.
          I am not so negative about people. But, when it comes to medical school, I am immediately sensitive. Because, it was the subject I wanted to take. Of course, I know the detailed info about the majors. And when someone said she was majoring in medicine, there are 2 things that I normally do. First, entertain myself by questions, she entered medicine from which test, regular or private? Secondly, when I know her did SNMPTN regular test, I'll admit she is great, whereas when I know she went from the private one, there will be resentment in my heart. Just money to get in medicine faculty? I just hope someday her patients are safe.

          Back again to the story was, in fact she came in through the regular or private? I think she's quite a long time looking for a place to stay in this town. When she was selected from regular test SNMPTN that the announcement dated July 6, it is impossible she just starts looking for a house this August. Meanwhile, it was a long holiday. All participants who have been selected in SNMPTN quickly get a dorm room, because there were many things that should be followed as medical tests and toefl test. So have a permanent residence in Medan is a must. Girl named Sarah would not be so stupid to wait a month later to find permanent lodging. So in my opinion, she was selected by UMB test which the result announced in early August. In UMB, medicine only in private track (if there was a regular, I would take). In conclusion, she went to Medicine by private track. And in private way, Medicine 20 times more expensive than regular medicine. If regular medicine USU, just pay 3 million per year. Private Medical USU 65 million per year.
          Then, the question, whether is it something to brag by Sarah? Weird! After all, she's from Jakarta. There University of Indonesia there.The number one!She even showed that she was from Jakarta, and she should be ashamed for even from Metropolitan go to the Standard one. Even I myself targeting a university in Java. Very weird!

Again, this night I just let my door opened, my big sister was busy with her mobile outside and I was with my laptop. There was my friend (she was an old friend in course when junior high school)  in front my room called. She said she needed water, because she have not bought any water supply like Aqua. So I let her in (though my mom said do not let anyone go into your room unless you know them well). She made coffee inside. And then, she touched every stuff of mine. She used my comb freely and opened my parfume, body lotion, powder, and soon so freely. I watched her but still my hands on the keyboard of laptop. I just wished she went out quickly. So I said, “maybe your work had been done!”
But she came closer to me and sat in my new bed, exactly spring bed and told “Oh, actually I have spring bed in my home in Siantar but I can take it here. I already bought a new custom bed.” She asked how much my parents give me money monthly. That was a shame question. Does she need to know my detail finance? And I got annoyed of this dumb girl because I thought it was over! She was actually forbidden came in. Then, she saw my mobile and touched it. I deprived it quickly and said, “do not touch it!”

Egrith: “If you done, please go out!”
She    : “But it is still hot!”
Egrith: “You can put up it and now please just go!”
She    : “okay, okay. I go out! You just want to turn me out! I also have my own
             room, so don’t worry!”
Egrith: “Yes, I think you have alot things to do than do a gossip here!”
She    : “I don’t have things to do!”
Egrith: “ I think you want to take care of your 10 boyfriends!”
She    : “What? 10 boyfriends? No, Mama said study focusly!”
Egrith: “Whatever... (wanna throw up but I keep back until she’s gone)”

          I think this girl doesn’t have mind. She came in and checked my stuff freely. My big sis was near the door but she even didn’t greet or respect her. Gosh! Very very weird girl. No, no not weird but she’s just dumb and error. I showed that I had a bad mood of her but still she remained stayed in my room and asked stupid questions. If she haven’t noticed I didn’t like her, I will show her directly by words.
           I know she will come back to my room and starts to borrows this and that. But, sorry girl, that was your first and last time went to my room. Next time? No way!!! And I plan not talk to her too much, just greet her if I meet her, how do you think buddy? :-/
And please pray that when I meet her she’s already learned a good attitude!