Monday, December 10, 2012



God, I am missing them...
And tonight, my tears dropped as they had done before in the previous day. :'( :'( :'(

I remember my days of yesteryear.
Now I realize how true that the old
times were precious times which never can be changed.
I've become a colleger now. I live alone in a dorm house.
Apparently there is no mom or dad who used to remind me to have dinner every night.
No longer mom screamed to wake me up in the morning.
Not longer the noise of quarrel Valen and cindy who fight pitched up to my room.
No longer my nosy friends whom I met every morning at school.
No longer sharing with with my friends in the class.
No longer screaming of Rinesha or fussy
Ida I heard.
No longer boasting Ira that we always laugh at.

I  just... (:

How I missed it all ... (:

            Ida, Lydia, Rinesha, Beby, Ira, Asri, Zannah, Brian, Robby, Hardy, Ella, Janrico, Firza, Eric, Trisna, Set, and everyone out there ... I miss you ... :(
My good friends abroad, Judith, Emily, Joe, Majaz, Brooklyn, and the others how are you? You never write me to me (:
Ida and Lydia, I miss when I saw your faces every morning for classes.
Rinesha, I miss you badly sis ...
Mom and dad, Valen and Cindy ... How much I miss you and love you ... I miss home ... :(
I miss mom mostly, Because she is the one who standing for me when I was down ...
I miss when we all are together, i
ncluding Weny also.
I am sorry I seldom call. I am pretty busy with my college, Organizations, and events here.
There is always a time that my heart feels so lonely ... You all are priceless ...
I love you. I love you. I love you.

I can not stop praying for you all. How much you mean to me. You are very influential for me ...

The Lord, Jesus Christ how good You are. My life must be designed in such beautiful way, so I got to know these great people. I'm really happy for having them. Thank you Lord. Let me be a blessing, be proudness, be a useful especially for my beloved parents. Amen...