Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why do you?

"hey why do you visit my blog?

you come, enter in your address bar

you dont knock. just come like that. scroll down my feeds.

why do you scroll down my feeds?

you read one posting of mine. you are curious. 

you read one more. no. no. not one. but two three or four.

why do you read all my writings?

you think i am unique huh. or my life is quite interesting. or you want to know how ordinary people like me live their life.

yes. yes. why do you critize? 

you feel ridicilous because someone like me have my kind of perpective of things, have principles, have values.

why do you keep reading?


why do you interested in my life?

what brought you here?

link? urgh just press Ctrl +W

why do you read people's writing without even greet them? without even comment any of their writings...

you just read. read and read.

Do you think you are not too selfish? "

Those words blew in a man's head and he knew that he admired the writer. So he started to type,


And the writer had a very nice day.

 That's how comment matters, readers.


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