Monday, November 15, 2010


hello buddy, today I will tell you about my close friends, friends of mine. Previously, sorry to my friends whom I will write here. Because I'll describe u honestly here.
Baca secara fonetik

-Ida Mayasari

She is a friend of my bench.
She is diligent that makes herself become a smart girl. Honestly sometimes I think that she's pretending to be diligent child, it's annoying. But, she really diligent. I enjoyed teasing Ida because she deserved to be teased. Haha. Why not? when my naughty friend bothered her, she just nag till late at night. Yes, she is fussy. And I think that she's stubborn. Whatever happen it’s difficulty to change her mind. We are often have some different opinions and sometimes we get petty quarrel. But, whatever for me she's a cool person. I mean, I'm glad to be her friend. Because we also easily reconciled. Ida is a sweet Muslim, but she's not bigoted to me. We often laughed together and she is very pleasant. We laugh at things which do not need to be ridiculed. weird! Haha. I’m sure Ida will be a great one!

                                                                 I and Ida

-Lydia Rahmadani
If anyone asked, who is the sweetest girl in your class? I will immediately replied that it is Lydia Rahmadani. She's receptive to learning. Yes, she’s including a smart person. She spoke gently smooth and makes me do the same thing to her. However, Lydia is very shy and hard to get along with others. It makes people think that she's arrogant, but she is not. She is also quiet and her voice very slowly even though I had turned her ear to the final volume. Haha. Im just kidding. Lydia is also a good Muslim. I loved all the characteristics of Lydia, she is cool! We were both equally like western songs, western artists, western film and the things that westernized. That kept me out the word to speak with her. But, when we both are together we will keep silent. Because I and she are shy girls.
Lydia and I

-Beby Hardianti
This cute girl, I called plain. Hahaha. PLAIN! Why? Because she's pretty plain to be a BEBY. This Muslim girl is beautiful, smart and good. She is also very friendly to me. She often takes me out of the classroom while at rest. Then I would run and shout, "wait glace!" lol. (Forgive me, dear!) But I feel she's very funny and cheerful. Thank Beby, cheers!
I dont have Beby pic, I'll upload later.

-Rinesha Siahaan
Rinesha is a girl with a gold voice. Really! When she sings amazed us until half to death. Honestly, she's not so smart. But there are some interesting things about her that makes my heart was touched. One time she told me that she and her sister fight. She said, "I do not mean to hurt my sister. Am I wrong? I just want to be a good sister. " Yes, honey. My heart was really touched by her words. Is there a better sister than Rinesha? That's why I called him, "Sissy". Rinesha speak carelessly and greedily make she looked like a humorous person and I'm happy laugh at her. But, she makes my stomach hurt because she's just like a clown. Hahaha. I’m joking! She is cute actually. But, I’m cuter hehe. You know? Only people who close to her will realize that sshe is very special. Rinesha is a Christian same like me, so I'm not too shy to her. We spent much time together and usually hang out together.
I and Rinesha

I and Rinesha

Rinesha and I

Actually, I have many others good friends, but I choose only tell about those four girls to be my closer friends. And I love them all. Thanks, Jesus for giving me friends like them.<333


Ida Mayasari said...

uhuk uhuk! :D
thanks for everything..

Rinesha Siahaan Blog said...

aku tersunjang..eeh.tersanjung.
tak menyangka bkal di deskripsikan kea gitu.

thanks sist :D

egritha tampubolon said...

ida: u r welcm

nesha: bhahah, okay.okay. ;* ngrti smw ni artinya kan?

lyloz.islovilovi said...

egrith egrith..
ada-ada aja :P

egritha tampubolon said...


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